Michael M. Hughes
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Michael M. Hughes
Writer, Speaker, Magical Thinker

Michael M. Hughes is a highly sought speaker on a large variety of topics including magic, activism, cannabis and psychedelics, tarot, consciousness, creativity, writing, the paranormal, UFOs, pop culture, esotericism, and numerous other subjects. He has appeared before clients as diverse as the American Red Cross, Maryland Public Television, the International Fortean Organization, The Big Read (Baltimore and Attleboro), Ignite Baltimore, Stoop Storytelling Series, Sacred Space Conference, Mushroom City Art Festival, among many others. He is a regular guest on podcasts and radio shows, appearing on  Coast to Coast AM, Where Did the Road Go?, Rune Soup, The Big Seance, Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio, and recently appeared on Comedy Central's The Opposition with Jordan Klepper.  

For booking information, contact michaelmhughes@gmail.com.


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