Wanting to Believe ? Wanting to Understand

From "the mainstream media's lonely UFO web log":

Sometimes, having a dramatic UFO encounter really sucks, especially if you consider yourself a rational, left-brain, analytical thinker. Because when you go public with it, “skeptics,” “believers,” and everybody in between makes certain assumptions, and next thing you know is, you’ve got a label hanging around your neck and the rhetorical sludge gets so deep and ridiculous you need scuba gear to keep from drowning in it.

“Remember that X-Files poster with the Billy Meier (beamship) photo, ‘I Want To Believe’? What the f*#! is wrong with people? They’ll believe anything! Well, you know what? Wanting to believe is a lot different from wanting to understand. Two completely different things. And as an extreme experiencer who’s also a skeptic, there’s no way I can win. I’ll never win this one. Never ever.”

Hear, hear.

ufoMichael Hughes