UFOs: The Reality of the Impossible (April 27, 2014)

Strangecon I'll be doing a presentation on UFOs: The Reality of the Impossible at Strangecon in Baltimore on April 27, 2014. Full details to come, but I guarantee the talk will alienate (pun intended) true believers and hard-nosed debunkers alike. Here's the description:

The UFO phenomena presents a provocative dilemma for our scientific/materialist age. Despite the concerted efforts of skeptics (many of whom have never spent time looking at the data), half of U.S. citizens believe in the reality of UFOs, and 5% have witnessed an unexplained object or objects in the sky. While most UFO sightings can be ruled out as mistaken perceptions or hoaxes, an enormous number of sightings continue to elude explanation, and many have been documented by highly trained, reliable witnesses. But what, exactly, are these objects and what is their purpose? Are they extraterrestrial crafts? Earthly black-ops technology? Or something even more strange and challenging to our materialist-dominated scientific paradigm? Michael M. Hughes has been fascinated with the UFO phenomenon since childhood, but a powerful sighting in 1990 compelled him to dig even deeper into the data to understand the startling connection between UFOs and human consciousness. In this discussion, he will give a historical overview of the phenomenon before presenting alternative views that are likely to alienate true believers as well as hard-nosed debunkers.

Come on out, and then join me for a drink at the Mt. Royal Tavern afterward. That's probably where the best discussions will take place.