UFO Sighting by Airline Employee • March 10, 2010

Several people have asked me why I talk about UFOs publicly. I understand the sentiment—it's not always easy explaining why I go public with my thoughts and research into such a marginalized and frequently ridiculed subject. Here's why I do it.

In October of 2011 I gave a talk on UFOs at the Mysteries of Space and Sky Conference in Maryland. After my talk, a woman approached me and handed me a piece of paper. She had witnessed something extraordinary while aboard United Flight 611 traveling from Reagan National Airport to O'Hare in Chicago, and she had drawn the object and written details of the incident on a sheet of paper. Here is her drawing (with her identity blacked out to protect her privacy):

UFO sighing March 10, 2010


Whenever I give a talk on this subject I am approached by people who, like the woman above, are dying to tell their stories to someone—anyone—who will take them seriously.

I take them seriously. And it's shameful that sane, rational, honest people just like you and me are scared to talk about such powerful experiences for fear of being subjected to the contempt of debunkers, the ridicule of acquaintances, and even potential loss of professional status and career.