UFO POV: Barry Windsor-Smith's UFO Sighting

UFO_POVExcerpted from Jeffrey Kripal's Mutants and Mystics: Science Fiction, Superhero Comics, and the Paranormal:

In 2000, Barry Windsor-Smith published a haunting short story called "UFO POV," with the subtitle "A True Story Dramatized for Comics," about an immense spaceship that he and a friend had watched float over their London neighborhood one summer evening in 1966. It was a mere five hundred feet above them. It was studded with complex lights, portals, ducts, and elaborate tubing. It made not a sound. "Coupled with its appalling size, the ship's uncanny silence created a strange, perhaps psychological, vacuum effect . . . I tried to imagine the occupants of the craft. No visual impressions came, but I sensed they were not hostile. In fact, they seemed practically sublime. Utterly superior to us humans in every way."

A small piece in the next morning's paper on some UFOs sighted over London and the South Coast confirmed what the two friends had seen the previous night was not a dream, not at least a typical one. Smith tried to draw the event after the manner of artist legend Jack Kirby, but even this could not capture the technological majesty and spiritual awe of the actual encounter.



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