True Detective: I Figured it All Out.

truedetectives The answer was right in front of our faces. The whole time.

It's very simple. The fact that you are reading this means you already know the answer, too.

You see, True Detective itself—the TV show—is The King in Yellow. A carrier wave for the original play that drives its readers insane. Only it's been updated for our age, when few people actually go to plays anymore. And even fewer read them.

But just about everyone watches TV.

Are you feeling me?

The first symptom of the madness is an insatiable curiosity about things like, well, a certain King in Yellow. Thinking about him much? I'll bet you have been. Trying to decipher his symbols? Finding yourself lost in speculation about who he is and what he does and just what is the meaning of twin suns and black stars and spirals and lattices of sticks?

That's how it starts. And once it starts, you can't make it stop.

Has he stepped into your dreams yet? If not, don't worry. He will.

Welcome to Carcosa, motherfucker.

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