Teonanácatl: The Secret History of Magic Mushrooms at Ignite Baltimore on Sept. 30th

UPDATE: Great news! Due to heavy demand, the organizers have added an additional venue, and it's a great one—the Baltimore Engineer's Club's Grand Ballroom. The event will be streamed live to the new venue, which has the benefit of a really nice bar that will open at 6:30. And best of all, it's free!

Here's the link for registration. Hope to see you at the after-party at Red Maple!

The good news: I'll be presenting a slideshow on psilocybin and the history of magic mushrooms at Ignite Baltimore at the Walters Art Museum on September 30th.

The bad news: it's already sold out. In fact, there is such a high demand for tickets that the organizers are working to set up alternate sites with streaming video and considering moving to a larger venue. I'll post here and in all the usual places if tickets become available.

Here's what Ignite Baltimore is all about:

Five minutes, 20 slides. What would you say? At every Ignite, 16 artists, technologists, thinkers, and personalities take the stage to answer this challenge. Our goal is to spark new conversations and collaborations across cultures and disciplines.

The history of magic mushrooms and their active ingredient, psilocybin, is a lot to cover in five minutes. But I'll share some interesting and not-so-well-known information from ancient history, popular culture, and cutting edge neuroscience. And I can make this promise—if nothing else, the slides will be very colorful and pretty :-)

Teonanácatl: The Secret History of Magic Mushrooms at Ignite Baltimore September 30, 2010 Map and Directions

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