Saucers of the Sorcerers Excerpt: Ritual of LAM

Here is one of the more interesting rituals from the Saucers of the Sorcerers manuscript: Through the Gates of the Eyes (LAM). There are a number of reasons I find this particular ritual to be intriguing from an occult/Fortean/Ufological perspective, and most of those reasons are probably quite obvious to my regular readers. I'll enumerate them for quick analysis, and I look forward to the comments of other researchers.

  1. It's clear the SoS group is built upon, or has co-opted, the Kenneth Grant/Typhonian O.T.O. mythology that posits Crowley's LAM as a "gateway" entity—a "trans-Plutonian" extraterrestrial. A lot of material has been written connecting LAM to the typical "grey" alien over the past decades. Most of it is garbage—but some is thought-provoking.
  2. In Grant's original ritual, contact is made by gazing upon the eyes of LAM. His instructions are to ". . . look out through the entity’s eyes on what appears now to the votary an alien world." (see Grant's The LAM Statement). This ritual employs "travel in spirit through the eyes."
  3. There are elements of the SoS order rituals that are not found in Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Thelema, or the Typhonian Order, including rituals or signs like Formation of the Sphere, Sign of the Opener, Absorption of the Sphere, and the office of "Mother." I could be missing something, but I've never seen these anywhere else.
  4. The language of the ritual is clearly Enochian. I have had good reason to avoid Enochian magic (which I may discuss at some point), so I am not familiar with the language and cannot translate it. If anyone is up to the task, please email me or leave a comment.
  5. The printing on this sheet looks newer and the typography is cleaner than some of the other pages. The paper itself is less yellowed by age than most. So this may be a reprint or a later insertion.



Above is the drawing of LAM that appeared in Crowley's Equinox, Vol. 3, No. 1 (1919).

So the deeper I get into this (and I've now read the entire document probably a half-dozen times) the more questions I have. Is this order still at work? Is it an offshoot or hybrid of the Typhonian O.T.O. or something that grew organically? My guess is the latter, as the rituals are not by any means orthodox Thelema. Some are not even close.

There are even deeper mysteries contained within this manuscript, and as I post more scans and my thoughts on the material, I hope better brains than mine can help illuminate them. Most of the others researching this manuscript are keeping their thoughts private, which I believe is a disservice to the wider community. So in time I will upload a PDF of the full manuscript, and then the secrets will be there for anyone with eyes to see them.

Of course, this could all be a massive hoax, as more than one researcher has suggested. Once again, if that is the case, my hat is off to the creator(s). If it is a hoax, someone actually developed an enormous but strangely cohesive and internally consistent mythology that rivals many of the real occult orders I have studied. I have heard (but can't confirm) that a few individuals are putting the system and its rituals to the test, and I'd be very interested to hear the results of their experiments.

I can only say that these rituals feel very powerful, even thought I don't understand them.

Note: Since my first post about this, two individuals have contacted me to claim they were or are part of the SoS. Unfortunately, after some rather terse exchanges, I did not find their claims persuasive.