My new book: The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ


The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ Lots of DJs—especially younger ones—have a difficult time finding ways to play for real people (as opposed to simply mixing tunes in their bedrooms). And to be a real DJ, you need to play for an audience, just like you can't be an actor just by performing in front of your mirror. But now matter how skillful you are at spinning tunes and mixing, you can't just approach a club manager asking for a gig. Good luck with that.

I learned my chops playing house parties, but I only started making money when I played music at weddings. And I discovered it was a fun way to make very good money doing what I loved—playing music and packing a dance floor with happy people.

Now that I have other sources of income, I only DJ weddings for people I know, or friends of friends. So I decided to share all my hard-won tools, tips, and tricks for being a stand-out wedding DJ in a downloadable PDF book: The Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ. Check it out at the excellent Digital DJ Tips website.