More on Theriot's Sign of the Cross

theriot Catching a reference to Aleister Crowley's 777 and other Kabbalistic Writings in Nic Pizzolatto's novel Galveston, I went back to thinking about something I'd dismissed as an inadvertent mistake on the set of True Detective—Reverend Theriot's backward sign of the cross (unless he happens to be Eastern Orthodox, which is highly unlikely for a Louisiana evangelical preacher):

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The Greater Ritual of the Pentagram:

The following is a basic interpretation of the ritual from Aleister Crowley's “Liber O” in Magick, Book 4:

  1. Begin with the “Qabalistic Cross”:
    • Touch forehead and say Ateh (to thee)
    • Touch heart and say Malkuth (the kingdom)
    • Touch right shoulder and say ve-Geburah (and the power)
    • Touch left shoulder and say ve-Gedulah (and the glory)
    • Clasping the hands upon the breast, say le-Olahm, Amen (To the Ages, Amen).