Invocation of the Incisor and Other Dark Tales


Available now for sample or purchase via Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, iBooks, and soon B&N.

I finally put together a bunch of my short stories into a collection, and it's now available as an ebook from Smashwords. You can purchase it for $1.99 (cheap!).

Here is a listing of the stories, with a brief description:

Six tales of modern horror from a delightfully twisted mind:

Invocation of the Incisor: A couple vacationing with their infant daughter at the Delaware shore awaken an ancient secret.

Occupants: A novice occultist is initiated into the dark truth behind alien abductions.

Lunch Meat: In the dsytopian future, meat is not quite what it seems.

The Milk Man: A kidnapped corporate fixer has his lactose intolerance pushed to horrifying limits.

The Blackwater Lights: A reporter investigating mysterious aerial lights in a rural West Virginia town comes face-to-face with their mind-melting source. This was my very first published short story (in the anthology Legends of the Mountain State: Ghostly Tales from the State of West Virginia, edited by Michael Knost and published by Woodland Press).

Enochian Call: A call to a phone sex line leads to a hellish encounter with a faceless sexual predator.

This is not material for those who are easily disturbed or offended. But you wouldn't be here if you were, right? Guaranteed vampire- and zombie-free.