Green Mount Cemetery's Creepy "Little Red Riding Hood"

I did a brief photo shoot in Baltimore's beautiful and historic Green Mount Cemetery last week. It's home to the graves of many famous people, including John Wilkes Booth, Johns Hopkins, CIA director Allen Dulles, and plenty of Baltimore luminaries. I drove around the cemetery, just to familiarize myself with the layout, but a statue alongside the road made me stop. I had to get out and see it up close. Statue of Little Red Riding Hood at William Black's grave

Click on the above image for a high-res version—it's an HDR photo and you can only get the full effect with the larger image.

I haven't been able to find much information about William Black or the statue itself, although this news article indicates that the statue was a favorite of Black's and he kept it on his fireplace mantle before leaving instructions for it to be placed on his grave after his death. I hope to do a little more, um, digging into this subject because I find the sculpture so beautiful and weirdly out-of-place.