From the nerdy archives, part 1: A D&D Adventure from the 1980s

The Catacombs of He Who Never Sleeps (cover) Digging through old boxes last night, I found a home-brewed Dungeons and Dragons adventure I cobbled together sometime in the 1980s. It's a low-level, mostly uninteresting document, but it shows how passionate I was about the game . . . and how much time I put into world-building (instead of, say, my algebra homework). I think I was a much better artist back then, too.

It's here as a PDF, for those who get misty-eyed remembering the joys of finding a +2 sword amidst a pile of gold pieces.

OOPS. Left out the meticulously-shaded hex map in the previously posted file. It's in there now.

The Catacombs of He Who Never Sleeps (D&D adventure)

(PDF download)

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