Excerpt from Saucers of the Sorcerers

Saucers of the Sorcerers mss cover scan In the next few weeks I will be posting a number of excerpts from Saucers of the Sorcerers, a copy of a privately circulated manuscript written by someone who goes by the name of Frater S. C. R. The partially handwritten manuscript [mine is a facsimile photocopy of the original] is a collection of instructional papers and notes from a magical order, and includes a number of rather unusual rituals and teachings—some of which pertain to UFOs and their occupants. Naturally, I was intrigued when I heard of its existence earlier this year. The copy given to me was found by a friend who wishes to conceal his name and the circumstances of his acquisition of this document. So don't bother asking.

Of particular interest is the description of the practicum of the inner order. Although it appears that several pages are missing (other degrees are mentioned elsewhere in the text), here is a transcription of the first two degrees (Adeptus Minor, or 1° and Adeptus Major, 2°) and the coursework associated with them.

I'm currently under a deadline for the final book in my Blackwater Lights trilogy, so I will be digitizing and posting more of this manuscript as time permits. If I find an interested publisher, it's quite possible this strange manuscript could get a wider audience. Unfortunately, I have yet to find anything else about the order, nor have I been contacted by any members or former members, so the source of the group, its location, and whether it's still operating, are questions I cannot answer at this time. It's quite possible this is a hoax, of course, but if so, it's a damn good one—and the internal consistency and complexity of the various parts tend to convince me of its legitimacy.

Some of the handwriting is difficult to decipher, so any mistakes or typos should be assumed to be mine. I have taken the liberty of standardizing capitalization, punctuation, and formatting.

If there are any members of the order who would care to comment, please contact me privately (and I will honor anonymity, of course). I would be particularly interested in hearing from anyone who has utilized the rituals, as they appear to be unique and unlike any other occult system I am aware of.


Saucers of the Sorcerers manuscript

Inner Order Practicum v. 3.3

Adeptus Minor (1°)

Course of General instruction: History of practical occultism; Levi, Dee, and Kelley; the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn esp. the Sphere Group; Dion Fortune on psychic protection; Crowley, Hubbard, and Parson’s Babalon Working; contactees; projects MKULTRA, BLUEBIRD, PAPERCLIP, EXARP, and MIRROR; Practical tryptamine synthesis; Fort, Vallee, Keel, and Strieber; Parapolitics 101.

Physical Training: practical self defense, beginning mixed martial arts, Qigong, hiking

Tools: Altar, Q Wand


  • Formation of the Sphere
  • The Marriage of the Serpent and the Heavenly Fire

Divination: Cartomancy.

Adeptus Major (2°)

Course of General instruction: Skrying, angelic alphabets, egregore theory, dissociative anesthetics, astronomy, cosmology.

Physical Training: Kundalini yoga, small firearms and knives

Tools: Elemental Tablets, Cup, Blade, Black Mirror


  • Enoch’s Eucharist
  • Through of the Gates of the Eyes (LAM)
  • Opening of the Egg
  • Construction and Operation of the Heavenly Chariot