Emerging from the Dust: Lots of Updates

dust I guess it's about time I posted again, eh?

Part of the reason this blog has gone moribund is because I've been ridiculously busy. Fans of the Blackwater Lights series will be happy to hear I have finished the final book in the trilogy, which will be titled Demon Lights. I'm quite happy with the way the story concludes, and I hope you will be, too. If all goes to according to plan, it will come out in early February of 2017.

I also have a number of short stories that will appear in some very cool anthologies. Watch this space for information on those.

If you haven't been listening to my regular appearances on the Where Did the Road Go? radio show/podcast, you can find them archived here. Do check out the two episodes (1 and 2) featuring the chair of religious studies at Rice University, Jeffrey Kripal—it was a real treat to talk to a guy I consider the heir to Charles Fort and Jacques Vallee.

Due to a huge number of requests, I'm working on putting my Tarot Boot Camp class online. Which means I will also be releasing a companion book, tentatively titled The Dance of Tarot. I'm not sure if I will be looking for a publisher or if I'll publish it myself. But I'm very excited about getting my teaching methods out there in the hands of those who don't live in the Baltimore/DC area. My recent class for the Johns Hopkins Odyssey program sold out in record time, proving that interest in this ancient art is having quite the resurgence.

I taught an eight-week novel writing workshop for the Hopkins Odyssey program, too, which was a real pleasure.

Looking even further ahead, I'm putting together notes for a book on magical living—i.e., employing magical thinking and, more importantly, magical practices to live a fuller, more enriching, and (obviously) more magically delicious life.

Of course, another novel is in the works, but I'm keeping that secret for now.

Finally, I'm going to be giving a talk on The Art and Magic of the Tarot at the upcoming Fortfest 2016 in Hanover, Maryland on June 12th. Full details here.

So thanks for being patient—I promise the rest of the this year will be full of fun and surprises. Stay tuned!