DIY Exorcism Ritual

Exorcism Ritual Thanks to a good friend (a former Jesuit), I have acquired a PDF copy of the Roman Catholic Church's short-form, four-page exorcism ritual, Exorcismus in Satanam et Angelos Apostaticos. The full ritual is twenty pages long and can only be done by a priest after being given the okay by the local bishop, or by the bishop himself. This version was for amateurs—but I would advise caution before attempting to cast the demons out of your kids or reading this aloud when you're home, alone. Just because.

(I love the scribbled note in the margin, too: May be used privately for devotion w/out permission.) 

For your reading pleasure, or for sending apostate angels back to Hell:

Exorcismus in Satanam et Angelos Apostaticos (PDF)