Darktown Strutters: Best cult movie you've probably never seen

Darktown Strutters (1975) Directed by the other low-budget Corman (Roger's brother, Gene), this is pure high-camp, eyeball popping joy. Day-glo three-wheelers, popsicles made out of pot, heavy social commentary, the KKK, a literal white devil, the infamous "negro making machine," and costumes that would make John Waters blush—it's all here, and more. Best watched with the sound down while playing classic soul.

Oh, and the music is fantastic.

I got my copy for a buck at a dollar store on Greenmount Avenue, but thanks to the magic of the Intertubes, you can watch it on Google Video.

Darktown Strutters (Google Video)

There's a great writeup on Cinebeats: "Super Sisters on Cycles!"

Thanks to Dan Toland for introducing me to the flick, and Mike Marshall for finding it online. Technorati Profile

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