Blurb for Legends of the Mountain State

Legends of the Mountain StateA nice blurb for the upcoming anthology:

"When it seems like every genre anthology released these days tries to convince readers that it and it alone is reinventing the wheel, Legends of the Mountain State: Ghostly Tales from the State of West Virginia is more than a breath of fresh air; it's a testament to the power of traditional, simple story-telling. Editor Michael Knost has assembled thirteen elegant, eerie, and affecting ghost stories written by authors who know and respect the tradition of such tales, and each offers up an atmospheric, straightforward, uncluttered narrative that one can easily imagine being told around a campfire late at night, as the stars blink down their light from a cold heaven and the sounds beyond the fire become unnervingly semi-human. There is poetic elegance in such simplicity, and this outstanding anthology proves it over and again. Simply superb."

—Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild Award-winner Gary A. Braunbeck, author of The Cedar Hill Stories and Mr. Hands

Okay, so now you know you need this, right? Go ahead and grab it here.

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