Another free short story

I'm feeling generous these days. Grab "Lunch Meat" for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or other mobile device here. It's a short corporate horror story set in the not-so-distant future. Until it finds a proper home somewhere, I'll keep it available.

I'm just testing the waters with publishing for mobile devices since I downloaded Stanza for my iPod Touch. I like being able to read on my iPod when I'm... err... taking a seated respite from my daily activities.

The inability to format text really bugs me, though. I mean, come on—no italics? No ability to leave extra space between paragraph transitions? But I do think ebooks are going to become much more popular as gadgets like the iPhone and the Kindle are adopted by the reading public. Now if Apple would only create its own ebook reader . . . maybe a slightly larger iPod Touch . . .