4 Reasons Why You Should DJ Weddings

My article from the excellent Digital DJ Tips blog: We all know the stereotype of the wedding DJ—decked out in a cheap, ill-fitting tux, playing nothing but five-year-old top 40 hits (and poorly mixed, at that), talking in an affected 1970s game show announcer voice while trying unsuccessfully to get everyone to do the Electric Slide.

Unfortunately, as most of you will have experienced, the stereotype is based in reality—many wedding DJs, to put it bluntly, just plain suck.

But chances are, if you let people know you’re a real, honest-to-goodness DJ, the question will inevitably arise:

“Do you do weddings?”

And if you’re smart, you’ll immediately say yes—even if you’ve never played a wedding and never considered it. For a non-sucky DJ (that’s you), weddings are an ideal way to improve your technical and artistic skills, build your reputation, increase the number and variety of gigs on your calendar, and get paid good money for it. Not a bad deal at all.

Here’s why you should consider being a wedding DJ.

4 Reasons Why You Should DJ Weddings (Digital DJ Tips)

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